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At Que Viene el Logo, we simply create brands.

  • you shall love branding
    above all other things

    We develop creative projects which focus on building more powerful brand strategies. We believe that branding is the cornerstone that underpins all of our clients´ products and services.
  • the truth, the whole truth,
    and nothing but the truth

    Nobody believes a liar, even when they are telling the truth. At Que Viene el Logo we are direct and straightforward, we work hard to establish close relationships with our clients, provide honest sincere advice, and act honestly and transparently at all times.
  • we work with great clients,
    who want to become even greater

    What makes clients great is not their size, but their desire to constantly surpass themselves. That is why we bring the same enthusiasm and dedication to all our clients´ projects, whether they are startups or global players.
  • I´ll call your five senses…
    and raise to six

    We work hard to include a comic tone in all our projects, although we promise there won´t be any water-squirting flowers or loud bangs. We aren´t comedians or clowns, we´ll definitely add a humorous touch to your project.
  • you´ll see why a bigger logo
    isn´t necessarily the same as better

    Search “clients designers phrases” in Google. We believe that designers and clients need to speak the same language, and we are also convinced that “faint heart never won fair lady”. So ask us whatever you want, tell us your expectations, and we´ll prepare a campaign that´ll get them jumping.
  • there´s nothing people love more
    than a good story

    When we talk about branding what we are really talking about are stories. That´s why our projects always draw on philosophy, art, poetry, photography, travel, folklore, novels, mythology, music, history, legends, comics, theatre, cinema, and many other sources.